Everyone wants to get money. But in this world there’s no way to make money without effort. You can earn money with minimal effort and no capital. Even a jobless could also run this business, not MLM and not sales.

All you need is:

  1. Basic knowledge of computers & Internet.
    You must be able to operate a computer and internet, as you will I take running a business on-line (via Internet)
  2. Computer and internet connection (can be in the cafe)
    A set of computers connected to the internet. If you did not have computers or Internet, while you can use the services of Internet cafe. The first month you probably will gain little because they have to pay fees online at the cybercafe. The next month is able to run a business from home, because the results can be to pay for internet connections and electricity.
  3. Online Payment account (optional)
    Eg. Paypal is a currency that is common on the Internet. Paypal can be used for online shopping. You will paid with online payment system.

Once you have a third above, businesses can immediately run. On the internet a lot to offer various programs to making a lot of money.

Note: Beware of scams, there are so many websites that offer programs that fool you